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Business Permits

We undertake the entire process of issuing a permit of installation and operation for your business from start to end.

Since 2018, the permitting process for manufacturing activities and storage and distribution centers has been seemingly simplified. However, the company that installs and operates such an activity must collect on its own responsibility a significant number of supporting documents and keep them in its facility in order to operate legally – indicatively:

  • documents of building legality, such as building permits
  • certificates of the building’s structural integrity and building’s legality
  • certificate of the permitted land uses for the building
  • drawings showing the installed mechanical equipment
  • fire protection certificate
  • environmental permit
  • approval of traffic connection to the property from the council
  • stand-by electrical power generator license

The Permitting Authority no longer issues an operating permit document, but conducts audits and reviews the supporting documents that the company must maintain under the law. If the Permitting Authority finds lack of or deficiencies in the documents, it imposes appropriate fines and penalties on the company.

We provide integrated “one-stop” services and guidance to your company to collect and produce all the required documents. Our success in the field of permitting is based on the up-to-date and thorough knowledge of the current Greek Legislation and bureaucracy, as well as the continuous and long-term relationship with the plethora of authorities and agencies involved in the permitting process (Ministries, Decentralized Administration and Regional Authorities, Councils, Municipalities, Districts , Environment and Water Agencies, Fire Brigade Department). We undertake the permitting of installation and operation of the following activities:

  • Pharmaceutical & Care Products Industries
  • Beverage & Food Industries
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Professional Warehouses
  • Bakeries
  • Health Regulate Establishments

Urban Planning Issues

All construction works, property management (sale, rental) and permitting of commercial or manufacturing activities are inextricably linked to the urban planning elements of the property.

Any urban planning issues in a property may often pose an obstacle in its development or in the installation and operation of a business in it.

We identify and resolve any planning urban issues the property may have, so you can proceed safely with your plans.

We have experience in urban planning issues and we provide the required services for the proper and legal implementation of construction works and the issuing of business permits in a leased or privately owned property. Overall, we can help you securing the real estate value of your property.

Specifically, we provide the following urban planning services:

  • Due Diligence before renting or buying a property
  • Building permits
  • Building legalization processes
  • Electronic Building Identity
  • Engineer’s Certificates required for selling a property and for issuing operating permits

Design & Build

We provide stand-alone or integrated Design and Construction services for a number of project categories:
from electromechanical installations to construction works for individuals, companies or industries.

The cooperation between experienced Engineers of different disciplines (architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers) guarantees that the design and consulting services we provide are both specialized and holistic.

In the decades of undertaking private technical projects, we follow a holistic approach: We cover all phases of a project, from the initial concept to the final implementation. The interdisciplinary team of Engineers together with the experienced technicians that work with the company guarantee that each project is executed comprehensively and effectively.

  • Building Projects
  • Architectural & Structural Design
  • Construction Works
  • Functional Planning of Industrial Activities (material & personnel flow, GMP)
  • Active & Passive Fire Protection Studies
  • Industrial Air Conditioning – Ventilation Installations
  • Heating & Cooling Studies and Installations
  • Ventilation Studies and Installations
  • Studies, Constructions & Certifications of Sterile Areas (Clean Rooms)
  • Industrial Electrical Installations
  • Design and Construction of Medium & High Voltage Electrical Installations
  • Automatic Control Systems Studies (BMS, INSTABUS, PLC)
  • Energy Efficiency Studies of Buildings
  • Lightning Protection Studies
  • Industrial Networks
  • Studies & Installations of Water Supply Networks • Studies & Installations of Sewerage Networks
  • Studies & Installations of Firefighting Networks
  • Natural Gas Studies & Installations